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Founded in 2000, Optima Consulting is an independent company providing agile software development services for small to medium projects.


Using agile planning and development methods Scrum and eXtreme Programming, we focus on delivering business value early while reducing risk and uncertainty.


We develop standard and custom applications to provide you with complete solutions tailored to your specific business or operational needs.


We are a local business for customers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Our software is 100% proudly made in Luxembourg.


Software Development and Consultancy

Software Development

We specialise in small to medium projects (typically 1 to 2 programmers) with a focus on flexibility and adaptability. Using agile project management methods and engineering techniques we can confidently respond to changing customer requirements, even late in the product life cycle. Agile methods are designed to deliver the software that the customer needs, at the moment it is needed, and with a high level of robustness.

We particularly emphasise eXtreme Programming (XP) practices such as test-driven development and continuous integration. We are strong advocates of evolutionary design and architecture. Our experience has shown that the practices of XP naturally produce better software products faster, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


When purchasing a new IT infrastructure or platform, it can be challenging to analyse and fully comprehend what is on offer. Understanding the jargon alone can already make it seem like a daunting task. Our specialists can assist with your selection process. We speak the IT language and can translate this to plain and simple terms so you can make an informed decision for your company and ensure your budget is well spent.

Optima Consulting will offer an unbiased view as we are completely independent of any IT infrastructure services. In addition, we receive no incentives, so therefore have no conflict of interest.


OTrack, our ERP tool developed in-house

OTrack is a light-weight ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) tailored for small to medium businesses. It allows you to better plan your resources, organize and sync agendas and manage your budgets so you can avoid any overruns. You can also create price offers, track customer orders and prepare invoices, all with one professional and automated solution. We provide assistance with set-up and all ongoing support so you don’t need strong technical skills to keep things running smoothly.

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Our customers cover a broad range of business activities including telecom operators, family offices, medical product manufacturers, carpentry businesses, HVAC businesses, windshield replacement companies, legal, consultancy and training firms, and fiduciaries. For a full list of references, please contact us.


Optima Consulting provides both remote and on-site technical support services. In order to help you faster, we will always try to find a solution for you via remote support first.
We use SupRemo technology by Nanosystems s.r.l ( to remotely connect to your desktop.


Remote Support

using SupRemo

In order to allow us to help you remotely, do the following:
1. Download Supremo.exe and save it to your desktop
2. Run the application by double clicking its icon on your desktop (no installation required)
3. Click on “Receive” and communicate Your ID and Password to the support person
4. After closing SupRemo, the application connection will be permanently terminated. Each session requires a new Password so that nobody can access your machine if you do not specifically decide to grant access. Please refer to the SupRemo website above for any security considerations.


Remote Presentations

using SupRemo

To join a remote presentation, do the following:
1. Download Supremo.exe and save it to your desktop
2. Run the application by double clicking its icon on your desktop (no installation required)
3. Click on “Meeting” and enter the meeting presenter ID communicated to you by the presenter in the “Connect to” field
4. Click the “Connect” button and enter the presentation Password communicated to you by the presenter
5. You can leave the presentation at any point in time by clicking on “Disconnect” or simply closing the presention window

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