Optima Consulting is an independent company providing agile software development services for small to medium projects.

Using the agile planning and development methods Scrum and eXtreme Programming, we focus on delivering business value early and constantly reducing risk and uncertainty.

We help our customers maximise their return on investment by quickly and incrementally delivering working products for which we emphasise robustness and maintainability, while never compromising quality.

With a strong background in radio and telecommunications, Optima Consulting is active in the development of a number of specialised software applications used throughout the world in mobile networks for system and radio engineering/optimisation.

Additionally, our broad knowledge of databases, communication protocols and Geographical Information Systems allows us to develop custom solutions in a wide range of business domains and applications including specialized Enterprise Resource Planning, performance analysis, datawarehousing and geo-localisation.

With nearly 15 years of experience with agile methodologies, Optima Consulting also proposes agile trainings as well as coaching and consultancy in agile software project management.

Finally, Optima Consulting offers services to small and medium businesses for network installation and maintenance based on open source components.

Optima Consulting markets its products and services directly and through international partners.

Our customers cover a broad range of business activities including wireless operators, medical product manufacturers, carpentry businesses, windshield replacement companies, legal, consultancy and training firms, and fiduciaries.

Our office is located in Steinfort, Luxembourg.