Agile coaching and mentoring

With almost fifteen years of experience with eXtreme Programming (XP), and ten years with Scrum, Optima Consulting helps development teams getting started or improving their efficiency with agile methods and engineering practices.

We work together with the management and technical teams to identify inefficiencies in their processes and evaluate if and how agile metodologies could help. We then typically introduce agile processes and techniques in a pilot project to evaluate its impact on productivity and quality. This pilot project will generally surface several organisational deficiencies that need to be tackled or worked around to fully benefit from the agile approach. In a last phase, we help generalise and extend agile concepts and practices to all software development projects and even to other business areas within the organisation.

We particularly emphasise eXtreme Programming practices such as test-driven development and continuous integration. We are strong advocates of evolutionary design and architecture via constant refactoring. We believe that the practices of XP, backed by a constant focus on code quality and reusability, naturally produce better software products faster.

Agile trainings

We provide eXtreme Programming trainings through our network of partners. We can also organise in-house trainings tailored to your specific needs, or lighter 1/2 day workshops.

Our main domain of expertise is centered around the eXtreme Programming engineering practices and developer techniques, for which our trainings emphasise the practical aspects, with lots of hands-on exercises rather than theoretical lectures.

We also propose an introductory training to the Scrum project management framework.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our offer in detail.