Most organisations nowadays rely on IT systems of varying complexity that play a critical role in their daily business. Unfortunately, many of these organisations do not have the knowledge or resources to guarantee that these systems will provide reliable service and security. It is, however, a misconception that only major companies with dedicated IT departments and substantial financial resources can benefit from efficient and reliable systems.

Open source solutions for SMB networks

With a vast experience in open source software installation and usage, Optima Consulting can offer network solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses, with substantial savings on licensing costs and equipement requirements.

Our approach in this field is quite pragmatic: we only propose open source solutions that we are also using ourselves. Although it seems restrictive, this approach allows us to guarantee a high level of practical knowledge and expertise with the software on which our solutions are built.

We propose field-proven setups for

Wether you only need a centralised file server and backup solution at lower cost, or you are looking for a multi-site networking solution to interconnect several branch offices, we most probably have a robust open source solution for you!

A few examples...

Installation of a Linux based file server integrated in a mixed Windows and Mac computer network for a belgian print shop, providing automated incremental backups with recoverable changes over the last 60 days. Dual internal / external backup system allows off-site storage of critical data.

Setup of a multi-site secure virtual private network for a french travel agency with a centralised database and application server, as well as local branch file servers and distributed backup systems. All branch and main offices are protected by open source firewall solutions with secure "roadwarrior" remote access, in addition to the inter-site VPN connection. All servers are setup with an incremental backup system with off-site storage of critical data.

Deployment of a Linux based virtual desktop server in a Mac computer network for a luxembourgish law firm. Users can access their Linux desktop environment from their Mac or any other machine within the office, and outside of the office via secure remote access. Application management and deployment is simplified as it is limited to the desktop server. This configuration ensures that all user working environments are always aligned, while every user takes advantage of the high processing power of the server.