We develop standard and custom applications to provide you with complete solutions tailored to your specific business or operational needs.

We specialise in small to medium projects (typically 1 to 5 programmers) with a focus on flexibility and adaptability, to maximise the benefits of our Extreme Programming approach.

With a strong background in 2G and 3G mobile telecommunications, we can provide highly specialised development services if required. Yet, our broad knowledge of database, datawarehouse, GIS and internet technologies is applicable to a wide range of business domains including geo-localisation, performance analysis, organisation and finances.

Extreme Programming

Our software development strategy is based on Extreme Programming (XP), a set of lightweight development techniques that stress customer satisfaction.

The XP methodology is designed to deliver the software that the customer needs, at the moment it is needed, and with a high level of robustness.

XP techniques empower developers to confidently respond to changing customer requirements, even late in the product life cycle. XP also emphasises team work. Managers, customers, and developers are all part of a team dedicated to delivering quality software. XP implements a simple, yet effective way to enable groupware style development.

XP improves a software project in four essential ways: communication, simplicity, feedback, and courage. XP programmers communicate with their customers on a daily basis. They keep their design simple and clean. They get feedback by testing their software starting from day one (test-driven development). They deliver a working system to the customer as early as possible and implement changes as suggested in each development iteration. With this foundation XP programmers are able to courageously respond to changing requirements and technology.

More details on Extreme Programming are available here: Extreme Programming

Programming languages

We have extensive experience and can offer software development services with the following programming languages:

With Delphi, we are capable of building application that target Windows and Mac OS X on desktop and server platforms, as well as Android and iOS on a wide variety of mobile devices.

With Lazarus and FreePascal, we are able to develop applications that can be deployed both on Linux and Windows systems, with the same source code.

Additionally, we have a wide experience with the following products, for which we can develop customised solutions to suit your needs: